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Remote Neural Monitoring in India

A secretive brain technology named in different way like Remote Neural Monitoring, Remote Brain Reading, Synthetic Telepathy, Mind Control, Gangstaking, Voice to Skull is in play in India.

This technology is so secretive, sophisticated & hidden that to pin point it is difficult with current level of state capacity. Here is case where criminals are more sophisticated than the state itself.
In brief, this technology enables to track at least thousands of people simultaneously, 24 by 7 and use every individuals brain signature to read thought, send voice signals in brain auditory cortex bypassing ears etc. Every individual has unique brain signature like fingure frint and DNA. This technology is based on satellite and works across globe.

This technology uses bio electromagenatic field in 5-50 Hz frequency and 5 milliwatt capacity to read brain activity from different cortex of brain. This technology can also send modulated signals in brain in terms of voice etc. Carrier signal of 1 MHz to 40 GHz is used to transport these brain waves to reach satellites 20200 to 42300 km above ground. (Brain's passive field extends only 12 feet from human as detected by a cryogenic antenna. Incidently, nature did not design any firewall for brain.)

In the early 1980s it is claimed that the NSA began extensive use of Remote Neural Monitoring. Much of what is known about it stems from evidence presented as part of a 1992 court case brought by former NSA employee John St.Claire Akwei against the NSA. It describes an extensive array of advanced technology and resources dedicated to remotely monitoring hundreds of thousands of people in the US and abroad. Capabilities include access to an individual's subvocalizations as well as images from the visual cortex and sounds from the auditory cortex.

The earliest non-classified references to this type of technology appear in a 1976 patent by R.G. Malech Patent #3951134  “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves” USPTO granted 4/20/76. The patent describes a technique using the transmission of 100 and 210 MHz signals to the brain yielding a 110 MHz signal which is modulated by the brain waves and can be detected by a receiver for further processing.

This technology is proliferating secretly and it poses serious national & civilian security questions.

More details on Remote Neural Monitoring Technolgy, from a legendary USA case filing John St. Clair Akwei vs NSA can be viewed at
http://www.greatdreams.com/RNM.htm or at http://www.whale.to/b/akwei.pdf

Details of US Patent Number 395113 can be viewed at

Cases in India can be viewed at

Practical Experience on Remote Neural Monitoring Technology capability can be viewed at

No upgrade in Remote Neural Monitoring Technology since last 30 years

GO TO DEAF AND DUMB MOVEMENT AGAINST RNM : If you are under RNM attack and hear voices in skull and your thoughts are read, go to deaf and dumb school/institute when under attack. Stand beside deaf and tell the attacker in your thought that he/she cannot hear, play voice in his/her head. Then stand beside a dumb and tell the attacker in your thought that he/she cannot speak, let me hear his/her wishes. This may humiliate RNM attacker and make him start thinking and see the point. He may actually STOP. All the best!! Make this a worldwide movement against Remote Neural Monitoring Technology attacks.

Remote Neural Monitoring for disabled & good of human society



LIGHT READING :The Sixth Sense - Nirvana; Software of God- Future of Remote Neural Monitoring

Importance of Psychology in Remote Neural Monitoring Operations/Psychops

The team which designed RNM operations would have been constituted of Cognitive Brain Scientist, Satellite Engineers, Electronics and Communication Engineer, Software Engineers and PhD in Psychology

While technology aspects have been discussed, less has been discussed on Psychology aspects of Mind Control.

I will bring focus to one piece of whistle blowing act in this regard which is by Will Filer http://www.whale.to/b/nsa4.html. Dr Robert  C Gunn a clinical psychologist from Arbor, Michigan is also believed to have played role in design of methods and procedure for Psychops.

Following a person for years, playing with him telling him he is part of experiment, telling you are worthless, reaction of human on stealing privacy and there by doing gang stalking. As in case of  from china, telling her they are doing it for good and making queen. downplaying skills at workplace, doing it repeatedly, reacting to every thought to the extent of 30, 000 to 50, 000 times day, reaction of human to abuses, sexual abuses etc etc are PhD in psychologist work which causes harassment. It is these people who knows what trips a brain what destroys neural network of human brain. It is because of psychologist work that target get harassed under Remote Neural Monitoring/Synthetic Telepathy.

Remote Neural Monitoring Software Schema

RNM can zoom in a locality. Thousand of Audience in locality receiving brain reading as voice in skull

Remote Neural Monitoring Technology Architecture Features
Detail can be found at
Representation of Remote Neural Monitoring Operations Center


  1. Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves

    1. This patent details is also available in pdf format at google patents. Patent Number 3951134.

  2. In Malaysia these technology utilised in most racist manner.its called neurology weapon on all its citizens.

  3. Kindly consider following email addreses: hello.stoprnm@yahoo.com/
    Above email address wrong.(bug introduced by RNM culprit while typing.)

  4. Hi Guys,
    Kindly contact me on above ID in case you have problem or concat neptune.Awareness tobe spread on this matter.

  5. Targeted Individual John Finch from Australia has a list of more than 1400 TI from all over the world.

    I guess they have perfected the technology for every language spoken in India.

    People in the field of computer science have been envolved to write the algorithms unaware of the evil that would be done with the technology they have helped develop.

    Such an evil would not be possible without the naiveté of scientists and technicians. This technology has been eventually used on the people who helped to develop it. Such is the case of Robert Duncan (Harvard, MIT). He wrote a book about it that is on the web for free, it's The Matrix Deciphered.

  6. i have been a victim of remote nerole monitoring in sc (US) for some two three years now, it dosent matter who you tell this stuff too all anyone ever wants to do is say that you are crazy they even prescribed me medicine, lol. to no prevail I type and type iv even writtin poetry, all i want is for them to be silent, but no, if there is anyone out there that can help me my email is faithfullstudent4999@gmail.com

  7. i have all the symptoms of brain control.

    Anyone know how to remove brain implant. Someone is talking with me without leaving single minute and controlling my dreams, sleep etc.

  8. Robert C. Gunn, PhD, Arbor, Michigan, is a clinical psychologist who is considered as main person who designed harrassment mentods and gangstalking around Remote Neural Monitoring Tehcnology. It is his tacktics and the RNM Technology which makes a deadly combination.
    Gunn is part of the development team that created a protocol of torturing victims. For decades, Gunn worked as a clinical psychologist at the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Hospital. There, Gunn deprogrammed World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War prisoners of war.
    Gunn learned the secrets of mind control torture techniques by deprogramming these POWs. Then, in the 1980's, Gunn was recruited to work on the Strategic Defense Initiative, commonly known as the Star Wars program.
    He had already been involved in land-based mind control experiments involving mobile microwave triangulation transmissions.
    Gunn and a staff of technicians would isolate a victim and beam radio signals into the victim's home.
    Now, unbelievably, these attacks are delivered via satellite.
    In addition to mind control torture, Gunn and others developed a methodology to produce remote-delivered body shocks to the groin and elsewhere.
    The third component of this torture involves holographic projections and audible acoustic projections.
    Finally, the fourth component of this electronic harassment involves "gang stalking." This involves actual incidents of community operatives stalking and spying on neighbors.

  9. John Clair Akwei the only insider on RNM Operation so far was threatened for going to Court. Had he succeeded in effort the RNM would have been stopped way back in 1992 and thousands of victimised would have lived good life. Here is what he says.

    The Plaintiff (John St. Clair Akwei) learned of RNM by being in two-way RNM contact with the Kinnecome group at the NSA, Ft Meade.
    They used RNM 3D sound direct to the brain to harass the Plaintiff from October 1990 to May 1991.
    As of 5/91 they have had two-way RNM communications with the Plaintiff and have used RNM to attempt to incapacitate the Plaintiff and hinder the Plaintiff from going to the authorities about their activities against the Plaintiff in the last 12 years. The Kinnecome group has about 100 persons working 24 hours a day at Ft Meade. They have also brain-tapped persons the Plaintiff is in contact with to keep the Plaintiff isolated.
    This is the first time ever that a private citizen has been harassed with RNM and has been able to bring a lawsuit against NSA personnel misusing this intelligence operations method.

  10. Will Filer, consultant to NSA, provides insider information on soft skill of Remote Neural Monitoring operations.
    Read here...

  11. me too...im in california and it happened to me through dell in india when i received my new laptop with facial recognition

  12. 3 years ago......i know for sure because the voice acts like a man from india he talks about mecca all the time. he says he is mecca. you have know idea of what ive went through i mean going through still today....please help me!!!!!!!!

  13. the program in my head can make me dance, make me move faster or slower,hurt me , make me laugh and cry. the visualizations are incredible. i wish i could find the software they use. probably microsoft is behing it all. please contact me i would love to tell my daily stories on this matter.

  14. Hi all - it is very simple - you have small transceiver placed in your nasal cavity. It transmits sound to the middle ear by Eustachian tubes (so you hear voices in your head. You can try this by placing a small headphone in your nostril and you will hear sound). Also it can read vibrations of your vocal cords (as when you think your vocal cords are vibrating and these vibrations are sensed) and transmit them to nearby radiostation by retransmitting modulated external radiowaves.

  15. Your dreams can become nightmares as there are some REM dream word incorporation: when someone senses, that you are in REM sleep state (with these "implants" they can hear your breathing, heart-rate, your thoughts, your imagined scenes), they will dictate words and by these words your brain will create a dream. Say you will hear during REM phase a sexual sounds from porn movie, you will see sexual images. If you hear tanks or guns, you will see war. More information about this:
    J Sleep Res. 2004 Dec;13(4):317-26.
    Incorporation of presleep stimuli into dream contents: evidence for a consolidation effect on declarative knowledge during REM sleep?
    Cipolli C, Fagioli I, Mazzetti M, Tuozzi G.

  16. Decoding your imagined scenes: these are transmitted to vocal cords as zipped sounds which also can be recorded and sent to intelligence officers. It works also in the other way - they can make something similar with computer and send it back to the middle ear and you should see images. Read some article about NSA experimenting about imagination and spoken words at different speed, but can not find one.

  17. Depression, fatigue and other health problems - your body heals and rests itself during NREM (non rapid eye movement) phase. If you disrupt it with high sound to middle ear, it will activate reticular activating system in the brain and you will wake up without proper sleeping. During long term it will cause stress and health issues, as heart rate, sexual issues, work issues, depression, as you won't get proper rest. It is sleep deprivation effects. Torture I would say.

  18. About protection: you can find it by probing your nasal canal with small wire, it should pass through. If you have it, it will be blocked. As this is a radio device there is probability about shielding it. But it could be, that your body would act as antenna and you would have to shield all your body. You also can adapt to distress as your brain is adaptive thing. You can also ask your physician that you put something in your nose and can not get it out. So they would extract it. But there might be very large probability that your physician is working with the government intelligence offices and you won't be lucky. By the way you could be living very long time before recognizing these implants. During initial phases voices will be silent, you could get nightmares, sleep problems, spot classical targeting / harassing works. And after that, when they will gather plenty of compromising information, you will get voices. Extortion, sexual / verbal abuse, intimidation, death threats. I would not want, that this technology came in to foreign intelligence hands.

  19. To NSA - don't trust Lithuanian intelligence officers: they can not keep their secrets secret and there are very high probability, that some of them will be related to organized crime or KGB. Best wishes :)

  20. hi sir, you posted pictures that contain a name supratik saha, software and electronics and comm engineering, i just want to know where that person studied, so that we can know about the technology by contacting their professors, i heard this technology is called microwave auditory effect or freys effect, we can intercept the signal using a custom made jammer to block those frequencies.

  21. For all targets who has brain control symptoms can use buy below mentioned headset and can record brain. Accroding to my knowledge RNM operator is clonning target peace of mind within a millisecond and play in no of people around you. so If any anyone can record target mind and any normal people mind simultaneously using headset so target thought must find in normal people mind also. you can make proff against Remote neural monitoring operator.

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  23. For the past two years in this area of the UK midlands a large number of people have acknowledged strange hearing problems and have been diagnosed as having a disorder called Tinnitus. To my mind, it is not tinnitus but RNM as the onset of this infringement of human rights by government scientific technological boffins had, in each case, started immediately on one day and was not progressive over time...it continues. It can all be linked to the NWO and high minded ( so they think) control freaks bent on world domination individual by individual. Don.t be fobbed off by the explanation of diagnosed Tinnitus. Do not be afraid, we know who they are and they will not succeed. If you are a Christian, I promise you that a deep and sincere prayer life will combat this dreadful imposition and ultimately destroy it.

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  26. Can everyone (in India) here provide their email ids pls.

  27. How do we detect and stop it at individual level ?